Jul 31, 2015

SDCC Batman

Went to Comic Con in San Diego this year. When I sat down to write something about it, I realized that everything you could possibly say about Comic Con has probably already been said. And most of what’s written about it fails to capture what a truly magnificent event it is. If you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to try to go. You won’t regret it.

So back to writing about it… I was totally stumped until I remembered one thing that happened during the Con. Amidst all of the hurly burly it was a pretty small moment, but it made Comic Con for me. I had a chance to shake the hand of and share a laugh with one of my idols. It was one of those very special moments that you couldn’t put a price on if you tried, but is the type of thing that makes Comic Con so much fun. I’m not going to say what we discussed only to say that something this gentleman (and the word was never a better fit) imparted to me way back when, had encouraged me as a young man to tap Lady Luck on the shoulder and ask her to dance. Woody Allen once said that eighty percent of life is just showing up. All too often we forfeit an opportunity by failing to do that, but this gentleman’s long ago advice encouraged me to show up. No Hall H rollout or eye popping cosplayer could top getting a chance to express my thanks to one of my heroes.

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