Why now?

Nov 27, 2006

So why a Funky Winkerbean web site now, you might ask. Well, I was going to make some cute comment about wanting to make sure the internet was going to be around for awhile and stuff, but, who are we kidding? Let’s be totally honest here… I was actually planning to do this twenty years ago, but I just got busy. I was spending more time in the Funkyverse than the real verse, and, well, that’s just not healthy for a growing boy.

Plus, there are a lot of readers with a lot of questions. Will Lisa find out that Darin is her son? Will Darin find out that Lisa is his mom? What’s happening with Wally in Iraq? Who’s Wally? Is he Funky’s brother? His cousin? His uncle? And there was no real forum to address all of these questions. Well, now there is. The primary function of this web site is to provide information. Hopefully, it will answer a lot of your questions. .. at least those that can be answered without spoiling things for everybody.

And that’s also the function of this blog. Sometimes I will be presenting new and startling info, but for starters, I’ll probably be using it to answer FAQs from the e-mail. While I truly appreciate and enjoy the thoughtful e-mails I get, there’s no practical way to answer all of them, but perhaps I can touch on some of the big issues here.

At other times, I’ll use it to pass along cool articles, interviews and such. At still other times, I’ll be making it a visual blog… just depends. And finally this will be the storm front where the cool stuff breaks. You’ll find out about it from me first because…well because I know.

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