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The Complete Funky Winkerbean, Volume 11: 2002–2004

The Complete Funky Winkerbean, Volume 11: 2002–2004

Long-running character Funky Winkerbean reminds us that we all have to grow up Since its debut on March 27, 1972, Funky Winkerbean has chronicled the lives of a group of students from the fictitious Westview High School. Relationships move to the front of the stage in this eleventh volume of The Complete Funky Winkerbean as the lighthearted dalliances of the past segue to the more mature partnerships of the adult world.  Marriages are tested as Funky and Cindy’s relationship begins to break apart, and Becky and Wally are separated by the war in Afghanistan. At the same time, Lisa and Les begin a family and go house hunting, while Crazy Harry meets an unlikely soulmate from his high school video gaming days.
Lisa’s Legacy Trilogy

Lisa’s Legacy Trilogy

Slip-cased Lisa’s Legacy Trilogy contains all three hardcover editions Prelude: Lisa's Strory Begins is a collection of the early comic strips that bring Lisa and Les together and takes fans from the early days of their deep friendship through the birth of Lisa’s baby and the baby’s adoption. To be published simultaneously with Prelude, The Last Leaf: Lisa's Story Concludes is the sequel after Lisa’s death from breast cancer in Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe. The Last Leaf recounts how Les and family cope with Lisa’s death and continue their lives. Creator Tom Batiuk brings Lisa back in Les’s imagination, and she helps him work out difficulties and decisions in his life and in the life of their daughter Summer. Fans will recognize Batiuk’s gentle mix of humor and more serious real-life themes that heighten the reader s interest. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Lisa’s Story go towards cancer research and education. Visit Lisa’s Legacy Fund to learn more or to make a direct donation.

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The Komix Thoughts is where I get to expound on all things comics. At a given moment, you might find me extolling the virtues of my favorite comic strips, comic books, and comics creators. While at others, I’ll be delving into all things Crankshaft, Funky Winkerbean and John Darling. Plus you’ll get a peek behind the curtain at the goings on in the studio, early looks at works in progress, blasts from the past, and much more.

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Tom Batiuk
Creator of Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft

Tom Batiuk was a junior high school art teacher in Elyria, Ohio, when he created a comic panel aimed at teens for the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram. That panel was the precursor to what became Batiuk’s award-winning comic strip Funky Winkerbean.Since its debut on March 27, 1972, Funky Winkerbean has chronicled the lives of a group of students from the fictitious Westview High School. Batiuk has been recognized for his humorous and entertaining portrayals of the students and staff at Westview and acclaimed for his sensitive treatment of social and educational issues.