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A while back I wrote a story about how Funky’s wife Holly was looking to complete her son’s comic book collection while he was stationed in Iraq. I needed a comic book hero, didn’t want to use a known (and copyrighted) one, so I reached back to a hero I created in the fifth grade… Starbuck Jones. I called the comic book company Batom Comics just as I had back then. I had so much fun that I went back for more of the characters from my youth and asked a number of the artists who were my comics idols to create the covers for me. These amazing covers were eventually auctioned off for the benefit of the Lisa’s Legacy Fund.

Not wanting to stop there, I created my own comics company, Atomic Komix, in Funky so I could keep on doing them. You’ll find the covers and the stories behind them on the comics spinner racks here in the Komix Korner.


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