A Change in the Weather

Jul 25, 2012

I had a post all set to add to the blog when life changed my plans. As many of you are aware, Cathy and I never made it out to the San Diego Comic Con. A family situation arose on Cathy’s side of the family which has thrown everything into a state of flux and has forced us to pull out of the upcoming comic cons. I won’t be doing signings at any comic cons until the Akron Comic Con in November. Man plans, the Gods laugh. I’m actually still going to put up the original post as is about summertime in the Funkyverse because it had a lot of heartfelt thanks that I wanted to get out and info I wanted to share. Unfortunately, it just didn’t all work out as planned. But there’s always another summer on the calendar, and a Volume Two of the Complete Funky to sign, so if you’ll accept a rain check, we’ll just do it a little farther down the road. Sometimes our plans are as vulnerable as life itself.

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