Batty Batom Bullpen – Don Perlin

May 6, 2017

The latest Batom Comics cover revealed in the Komix Korner cover gallery is by Don Perlin. When I first talked with Don (who couldn’t be a nicer guy by the way) about doing a cover, I offered him the Arizona Ranger. He immediately rattled off about a half dozen ideas for the Arizona Ranger culminating with a description of the Ranger on his horse, shooting the gun out of one bad guy’s hand and having to bullet ricochet to knock the gun from a second bad guy’s hand… in a bar. I just laughed and asked him how soon how could get started. He then proceeded to spitball another half dozen ideas for a Lunar Cadets cover and one was so cool that he actually ended up doing two covers for me. Even though one Lunar cadets cover had already been done, Don created a second one for me focusing on the Cadets freshman year.

The Arizona Ranger cover will have to wait just a bit to be revealed, but the cover with the young Lunar Cadets is up there now. You can see it by heading over to the Gallery section on this site and learn all about the upcoming Batom Comics covers auction for the Lisa’s Legacy Fund for Cancer Research while you’re there.

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