Batty Batom Bullpen – Neil Vokes

Jun 10, 2017

The latest revelation in the Batom Comics cover gallery is by the incomparable Neil Vokes. I first became aware of Neil’s work back in the day on Ninjack and it led to my seeking his stuff out whenever I dropped into my local comics shop. Neil’s Starbuck Jones cover completes the Octo-Shark trilogy. When Neil’s cover arrived, I immediate knew that his monster was in the Octo-Shark family and dubbed it the Saber Toothed Octo-Shark. As before, I mentioned this fact when it appeared in Funky but was still too timid to slap the name on Neil’s gorgeous cover. I think it’s fascinating that, without any guidance from me, three of the Batom Comics cover artists chose tentacled monsters for their covers. Great minds, huh?

To see exactly what I’m talking about, scoot on over to the Gallery and check all of them out. And if you want to be the one who owns the Octo-Shark trilogy, then be sure to take part in the Heritage Auction taking place November 16-17 as they auction all of the covers off for the benefit of the Lisa’s Legacy Fund for Cancer Research.

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