Behind the Books – 19

May 3, 2023

Along with the Crankshaft collections that Andrews McMeel was bringing out, they also published the first collection of some of my mature, or maybe let’s call it, adult work. I had been writing a series about Crankshaft’s next door neighbor, Lillian McKenzie, being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and it was getting a nice response from readers. The decision was made to have the material collected into a book that would be called Safe Return Home, and it was the first to collect my work in hardcover. Chuck Ayers, the artist on Crankshaft had done a beautiful job bringing a difficult subject to life, Andrews McMeel put together a beautifully designed and packaged book. They also interspersed some the wonderful emails that I had received from readers commenting on the work as it ran in the papers. All in all, it was a terrific hardcover collection of some of the best work that Chuck and I had done to date on Crankshaft. 

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