Behind the Books – Book 20

May 16, 2023

And so we come to the penultimate volume in the collection of the band strips from Funky Winkerbean. Colorist Lee Loughridge once again lends his coloring to the cover, and, once again I prove how coming up with snappy short titles is not my forte. It is a funny title though with its neat glimpse into the mind of type A band directors.

This collection brings together all of the band strips following the first time jump where we find Harry and the band marching at the Hula Bowl and performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Once again, I found myself at the Barnhouse booth at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Conference signing books and also doing illustrations for Peter and the Wolf with the North Shore Orchestra. Obviously, it would be understating the case to say that Harry L. Dinkle, the world’s greatest band director, has taken me to some interesting places. As the first breakout character in Funky, it’s great to have this adventures collected in these volumes. My publisher, Andy Clark, was the first to recognize the possibilities for Harry and that there was an untapped audience for this collected work. I am eternally grateful for his insight.


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