Behind the Books – Book 8

Oct 28, 2021

Sunday Concert published in 1987 was the second of the Norman Lee books to come out. Since for some unknown reason I hadn’t used any of the Sundays featuring Harry L. Dinkle The World’s Greatest Band Director in the prior Football Fields are for Band Practice book, I thought this would be a good chance to play catch-up and publish them all here. At that time, the community band in my hometown would play a concert on the town square every Friday evening in the summer. So I decided to use their gazebo bandstand and residents in their lawn chairs for the cover and, since it was a collection of Sunday strips, titled it Sunday Concert. I thought it was pretty classy at the time. It later turned out to be the lowest selling book in the series featuring the band director’s exploits. My erstwhile publisher pointed out that it was probably because it was the only book in the series that didn’t have a funny title. A lesson learned. The second lesson I learned was that, going forward, the other books would include the Sunday strips alongside the dailies just as they did when they ran in the newspapers.

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