Behind the Curtain

Nov 21, 2022

So this post was originally intended as a peak behind the Funky curtain concerning this beautiful Wayback Wendy Sunday comic book cover. But, before I start, I have to step up to a monumental screw-up an embarrassing faux pas. When I was tipping the Funky felt-tip to the artists involved in this really cool piece, I mistakenly credited the cover art to James Pascoe, who was just coming off a double brace of striking environmental covers for me, instead of the titanically talented Thom Zahler who was actually the artist did the cover. Those who have been following Funky know that Thom has been the artistic hand behind Wayback Wendy from day one. So, Thom, mea culpa my friend.

So now let’s get to what I wanted to write about. When I gave the cover and copy to Thom, I never described how Dawn of Time should look. I’ve found from experience that when you let people play with your toys, the freer the hand you give, the better the results you get, and this was a wonderful example. When the art arrived, DOT was a hippy guru. I hadn’t told Thom that I was ending Funky, but he instinctively took things back to the strip’s roots. I wish I’d thought of that myself, but, when I saw it, I did ask Chuck Ayers to contribute some raging psychedelia to the background, resulting in this amazing cover. It’s why working with guys like Thom and Chuck is so much fun.

If, like me, you enjoy Thom’s work, then by all means check out his Kickstarter for Love and Capes: Home for the Holidays


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