Feb 27, 2008

There seem to be numerous questions coming into the e-mail section of this wondrous website that keep appearing over and over and over again if you get my drift. In order to help me keep my nose to the drawing board, there’s now an FAQ section on the site so that curious readers can quickly find the answers to their most burning questions.

Also, if you click on the asterisk, there’s something kind of cool lurking there. Last Fall, King Features created a new sales kit for Funky to coincide with the time jump. To make the art on the kit really pop, I asked Greg Horn to do digital paintings of my characters over some drawings that John Byrne had originally done. Greg is not only one of the very best digital painters in the business, but a real pro and nice guy to work with as well. The result was incredibly cool. Unfortunately, except for features editors around the country, not a lot of other people would get to see the amazing job that Greg did… until now. I hope you dig it as much as I did.

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