Fifty years Before the Masthead

Nov 17, 2022

More than fifty years ago the cast of Funky Winkerbean began their journey on the American comics pages, and as the official chaperone of these special characters, they took me with them as they traveled from the Tournament of Roses Parade to the White House. However, nothing goes on for infinity and so this wonderful odyssey will reach its conclusion on December 31 of this year.

Sort of.

I still plan to post new original Funky stories at my new website from time to time along with my ongoing collaboration with Dangerous Dan Davis on Crankshaft, and also my work on the close to my heart

Complete Funky Winkerbean collections (Volume 12 of which has recently dropped… just sayin’). And speaking of Crankshaft, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Funky and friends popping up every now and then in that irascible school bus driver’s strip. The two strips have always existed in a shared universe and I encourage all of you Funky fans out there to check it out. Between the blog, the books and the pop-ups in Crankshaft, it’ll be like the Funky gang never left. Which I hope makes you feel as good as it does me.

So the carousel isn’t stopping, just slowing down a little. A special thanks to all of the Funky faithful for coming along for the ride. Boon companions all.

So let’s take a brief trip back through time…

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