Flash Fridays Extra

Apr 14, 2023

Before I continue with the Flash Fridays thread, I want to do a little digging behind what accounted for the “return to the Silver Age” feel in the stories in the mid eighties. So to bridge things a bit, I thought I’d show you some Flash art not seen by many.

As I’ve mentioned before in the blog, a letter of mine to The Flash prompted editor Julie Schwartz to award me with some original art pages. The pages were way cool, but just as interesting were some pencil sketches that artist Carmine Infantino did on the back of the pages. On the first one, Carmine sketched Ernest Borgnine for the current book #118 along with some other sketches of the Three Dimwits for a previous issue #117. The other back page shows some sketches of a new Iris West hairdo for the current issue. Also note the Comics Code stamp in the corner.

Below is a sketch of an artist’s studio (Carmines?), and a practice take on some new characters. A very cool glimpse into a working artist at work.


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