Flash Fridays – The Flash #213 March 1972

Jan 11, 2019


If you were a subscriber to The Flash back in the day, this issue would have really cheesed you off because it’s entirely composed of reprints. Granted, the reprint of The Vengeance of the Immortal Villain is a darn good reprint featuring the Golden Age Flash and the Justice Society, but it’s a reprint nonetheless and, as such, has already been covered here.

There must have been a fairly serious scheduling glitch with the Flash at that time, and they heroically they try to cover their tracks with an in-house banner that read as follows: “Barry Allen… a bachelor? The Justice Society just out of retirement? Yes you’ve guessed it… this has been a special Flash-Back story (from Flash #137, June 1963)! Why did we present this surprise treat? For one thing, this tale presented the historic first appearance of the legendary Justice Society of America! But more importantly, this story is necessary for the enjoyment of next issue’s monumental return of Vandal Savage in the two Flash novel… Death of an Immortal!” 

Problem is… that story doesn’t appear in the next issue, and, in fact won’t appear until issue #215. I have a theory as to why that happened, but it will have to wait until the next Flash Friday post.

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