Flash Fridays – The Flash # 229 September/October 1974

Jun 14, 2019

Although the date for this issue is September/ October, because of the way comics were dated back in the day, this issue probably came out smack in the middle of of the summer of ’74. I’m feeling oddly nostalgic as this latest summer slowly takes the stage, so indulge me while I take a moment to consider the summer annual and the summers I recall in general. Because of some yet to be explained anomaly in the space time continuum, summers were so much longer back when I was in school. They stretched out endlessly and (full disclosure) boringly in front of you. I could try to describe this for you, but nothing ever captured it so hauntingly and accurately as the the Gear Daddies song Sonic Boom. So I’ll let that song speak in my stead. It’s an amazing song and worth tracking down (as if that were hard anymore) if you’re not friends with it already. Here ’tis:

Summer vacation
Nothing on TV
No one’s home

Except for me
For me
Just sitting in my room
Got no money
Nothing to do
Stare at the ceiling
Sonic boomDarkened apartment
Beautiful day
Lie in bed
As the hours drift away
Drift away
Nothing changes
Nothing moves
Drift on back
Sonic boom
There were, however, bright spots. First, there were my weekly piano lessons which I enjoyed and looked forward to. Then there were the science fictions books that I would pick up when I could get someone to take me to the library. Those were nice distractions, but first and foremost there were comic books and they showed up in a couple of ways. There were the subscriptions that I had to The Flash and to Harvey’s reprints of Dick Tracy. Few things equaled the thrill of opening the mailbox and finding the latest issue of one of those magazines waiting there. Those magazines weren’t simply entertainment, they opened doors to new worlds and undreamt dreams. I can still remember almost every detail of the day that The Flash #123 showed up on my doorstep. Mind blowing. The day that issue made its appearance was the day I seriously began planning my getaway. If you want, go back and read my blogpost on that issue to get a sense of what I’m talking about… I’ll wait. In fact, just to give you enough time to thoroughly enjoy it… let’s meet back here next Friday for Flash Fridays – The Flash #229 Part Two.


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