Flash Fridays – The Flash #231 January/February 1975

Jul 26, 2019

Cary Bates continues to play with the Flash’s Rogues’ Gallery as five members currently not behind bars, Mirror Master, Pied Piper, The Top, Weather Wizard, and Heat Wave gather to hold an annual convention to reminisce about the year’s battles with the Flash and to present a prize to whoever’s performance in the past year against their flashy foe is deemed the best. Their convention is interrupted by a criminal called The Dude (he dresses like a nineteenth century dandy) who claims to have never lost to the Flash. The criminal cabal is fairly dubious in regard to the The Dude’s claim so they all agree to have the Mirror Master observe The Dude’s next tussle with their arch enemy.

MM watches The Dude best the Flash, but it’s really just the Flash using one of his super speed stunts to battle himself while disguised as The Dude. When the Rogues regroup to award the prize of a stolen diamond, the Flash removes his Dude disguise and rounds them up. Another fine reworking of the tried and true Flash formula that nicely mimics the past without really advancing the ball down the field. The art continues to be serviceable as well, but I have noticed that whenever any Flash art goes up for auction these days, it’s never art from this seventies era. Just sayin’.

In part two of the Green Lantern story, we find that Aaron Burr was in outer space because he was abducted by aliens. Well, I guess that sort of makes sense, at least as much as anything does in a rather silly story about the aliens needing Burr’s ongoing help, sending a replicant to replace him on Earth, and GL bringing Burr to Earth one last time to “feel the cool dew wet grass”. Maybe there’s still time to do a rewrite of Hamilton… or not.

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