Flash Fridays – The Flash #247 March 1977

Mar 27, 2020

A great looking Rich Buckler/Frank Springer cover not only clues us to the fact that the Earth Two Flash turns up in the second half of the Abra Kadabra two-parter, but that the comic has been restored to monthly status (with the exception of February, April, July and October which apparently aren’t months in DC’s world). When last we saw the Flash, he was in prison in the 64th century for appearing to have killed the reformed and beloved Abra Kadabra. AK had been mentally tinkered with so that he no longer wanted to commit crimes, and it was driving him crazy. Crazier. So he made it appear that the Flash had atomized him so that the Flash would be arrested for the crime which is exactly what happened. A five star plan so far, but the second part of the plan was that AK’s unassembled atoms would travel back in time to Central City in 1977 where he would yell “atoms assemble” and immediately be invited to join the Avengers. Okay, I was just kidding about that last part, but his atoms did travel back in time to 1977, but to Keystone City on Earth Two. Nearly. Anyway, when AK runs into the Earth Two Flash Jay Garrick, he mighty puzzled to say the very least.

Meanwhile, in the future, our favorite Flash keeps trying different ways to escape his escape proof cell. He eventually succeeds by trowing a chair at the wall with one set of vibrations while he vibrates through using a different set of vibrations. So it’s back to the drawing board for the escape proof cell folks, and back to 1977 as the the Flash follows Kadabra’s vibrations to Keystone City. Of course our Flash knows exactly where he is and shows up in time to save the Earth Two Flash from AK’s wrath who it turns out had captured the Earth Two Flash and was about to dispatch him with his magic (scientific) wand. Together the two Flashes atomize Abra Kadabra one more time and send him back to his future. The story ends which the nice touch of Barry dining with the Garricks before returning to Earth One and Central City. The book length format gives the story a little more room to breath and the narrative seem less rushed, so the departure of Green Lantern seems to have paid some nice dividends.




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