Flash Fridays – The Flash #251

May 15, 2020

This type of cover is known as a big fat lie cover because just two pages into the story we find the Flash was indeed able to save Iris by racing in front of her to take the brunt of the Golden Glider’s shot himself. Why wasn’t he flash frozen if you’ll excuse the pun? Well, it turns out that the gun she stole borrowed from her brother Captain Cold (all this time and he’s still just a captain) can only be programmed for one target at a time, and since it was set for Iris instead of the Flash, he wasn’t hurt. Certainly a poor design for a gun, but a good design by writer Cary Bates who plans to exploit that particular construction  flaw later in the story.

Another attempt is made to snare Iris by use of a high flying top. After the Flash saves Iris, he starts putting the top as well as two and two together. Barry receives tickets to the Futura Ice Show, realizes that the show’s star Lisa Star is probably the Golden Glider, discovers that the Top, before he died, had been spotted in the the same cities at the time the ice show was there, surmises that the Top and the Golden Glider were friends with benefits, and that the tix for he and Iris were probably meant to lure them there so that the Golden Glider could do away with Iris as revenge for the the Flash having done away with the Top. Let’s see the hands of everyone who got all that. That’s not many…

So, moving on, Barry catches up with the actress Daphne Dean who is still at the airport leaving town and enlists her to play the part of Iris when the Allens attention the ice show. Daphne won’t be hurt when the Golden Glider tires to flash freeze her again because… wait for it… the gun can only be programmed for one person at a time! Ha! So no one is hurt except for the feelings of the Golden Glider when her brother Captain Cold shows up causes a sibling row that allows the Flash to capture them both. The story ends with Daphne Dean finally getting the praise she deserves for her acting prowess. No mention is made, however, about how Iris acted when Barry got home and Iris found out he was out on the town with Daphne Dean again. Ponder that during the week and we’ll discuss next Friday if there’s time.

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