Flash Fridays – The Flash #256 December 1977

Jul 31, 2020

As continuing stories begin to become more the norm with the Flash, accordingly, this issue picks up where last issue’s fight between the Mirror Master and the Flash left off. We see the Weather Wizard and the Pied Piper out searching for the Mirror Master and coming upon his body lying unconscious in an alley. Unbeknownst to them, the Flash has taken MM’s place after capturing him, and is letting himself be carted off to the Rogues secret hideout. Surprising them, he dispatches them with relative ease saying: “I had to attack first and fast… before any of them had a chance to strike back! With four-to-one odds, I wouldn’t have had a second chance!”

Suddenly, the Top shows up and then disappears leaving the Flash to question his sanity since the Top was dead and buried in issue # 242. It turns out that the Flash is being gaslighted by Mazdan the villain from the future (he showed-up two issues ago, remember?) who had returned to seek vengeance on the Flash by causing his mind to experience delusions. The Flash battles the Top and suddenly unmasks him as Mazdan. Turns out that a bonk on the head during their battle had restored the Flash’s clarity (I wonder if a bonk on the head would have helped the writer?). Still things look grim as Mazdan is about to blast Flash with his destructo-weapon (really?) when the weapon is suddenly whisked away out of his hands allowing the Flash to capture Mazdan. In the closing panel we see that the gun (I’ll be darned if I’m going to write destructo-weapon again) was whisked away by the Golden Glider stationed on a nearby rooftop with a fishing rod (a nice looking fishing rod , but, still, a fishing rod). The editorial voice at the end informs us that while the Golden Glider just saved the life of the Flash, it’s only because she has plans for the Flash that are a thousand times worse. Maybe she plans to take him fishing.

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