Flash Fridays – The Flash #259 March 1978

Oct 2, 2020

As we saw at the end of the previous sequential issue of the Flash, it looked like the Flash had been fried into oblivion. I predicted that he would recover, and guess what, I was right. When the Flash’s protective aura was stolen by Black Hand, he had no way of keeping himself from turning into a crispy critter at high speed. Realizing this, he uses his ring to not only draw in his costume into itself, but all of his molecules as well. It works, and with a little luck a passing cat playing with the ring on the ground, frees him.

With Green Lantern’s ring radiation and the Flash’s aura, Black hand becomes invulnerable. Meanwhile, the Flash retires to his home to ponder his next move. While he’s doing that, the Flash as Barry Allen helps his young next door neighbor Barney Sands pick up some fanzines about the Flash that Barney had printed. As they return home, they pass the Centro Dome sports arena and much is made about the fact that the air is being pumped out of it in preparation for the filming of a movie on the simulated lunar landscape set up inside. Well, you know the old saying: a simulated lunar landscape inside a sports arena in the first act always goes off in the third. Sure enough, the Flash lures Black Hand inside the arena where, in the vacuum created there, the Flash can go at full speed with no air friction to burn him up. Thus the Black Hand is defeated and the Flash gets his aura back. He doesn’t do anything about Black Hand’s GL radiation however, so it looks like Black Hand’s trip to the lock-up will be behind a swinging jail door.


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