Flash Fridays – The Flash #299 July 1981

Feb 25, 2022

The issue opens with the Rainbow Raider preparing to break out of prison, and then jumps cuts to the middle of the night in Barry’s apartment. We see Barry’s father Henry standing over a sleeping Barry pointing a gun at him. He backs off, however, because as he says: “I realize I would never forgive myself for sparing him from the tortuous ordeal which lies ahead!” It’s a jarring scene quite unlike any ever seen between the covers of The Flash. Whatever Henry’s got a mad-on about, it seems pretty serious.

And then the Rainbow Raider makes his appearance as he prepares to take over the world with his chromacolor prism. Meanwhile, the Shade and the Flash, with their mutual nonaggression pact still in place, take off to find the Raider. When they do, the Flash and the Raider get into a multi page tussle with the Flash getting the worst of it and wondering where his “partner”  the Shade is. Just when it looks like it’s lights out for the Flash, the Shade hits him with a bolt that turns the Flash all black allowing him absorb all of the Rainbow Raiders color beams which allows him to defeat RR and destroy his chromacolor prism. As the Flash stands amidst the wreckage of the prism he thinks to himself as his normal color returns: “Now that things will be calming down in Central City again…  I know a certain police scientist who’d better get back to his lab and his job… and fast!”

Jump cut to Barry’s boss, Captain Frye talking with Barry’s dad on the phone saying that Barry never showed up for work.

Jump cut to an establishing shot of the Morningside Clinic… and then inside to a patient in a bed wrapped up like a mummy in bandages with various life support machines attached. And then the narrator’s voice: The patient’s name? Would you believe… Barry Allen!?!



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