Flash Fridays – The Flash # 318 February 1988

Aug 25, 2023

This is one of the better Flash issues in this part of the run primarily because it deals with one story, the unmasking of the Eradicator. Peripherally it also includes Barry/Flash’s boss Captain Frye as the bumbling Captain Invincible, but as part of the main story. So there’s no jumping back and forth between disparate subplots, and no new ones are introduced which leads to a straightforward and exciting reading experience.

It opens with Senator Creed Phillips murdering his butler as his Eradicator personality starts to take full control. The Eradicator rationalizes his every action as being for the common good. Phillips finally loses out to his malevolent alter ego as he’s being interviewed on television during which he takes Fiona Webb as a hostage. Desperate to find her the Flash goes to check out Creed’s apartment finding nothing but a bomb set to blow-up any intruders. The bomb explodes and the Flash is only able to vibrate through part of the blast and ends up stuck in the brick wall of the building. Frye, having had the same idea, shows up at the apartment as Captain Invincible. When he tries to free the Flash, he uses too much force, the wall gives way, and the final panel cliffhanger finds the unconscious Flash and the not so invincible Captain Invincible falling to the street below. The next issues title under the last panel reads: A Slight Touch of Death!


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