Foundation’s Friends

Jul 13, 2023

One of my pandemic projects was to reread all of Isaac Asimov’s Robot and Foundation stories. At the time, I didn’t think I’d be returning to those stories again, and then I rediscovered a book that that been on the bookshelf here in the cartoon clubhouse for several years. Martin H. Greenburg had pulled together a tribute collection to Asimov’s 50th anniversary as a writer. The premise was to give other science fiction writers a chance to play with Asimov’s toys a bit, and the result is simply wonderful. What a treat to have some new Robot and Foundation stories for some summer reading. I tend to associate these stories with summertime because that’s when, back in Jr. High, that I’d hit the library hard looking for cool SF to read, and Asimov was one of the coolest. This book is an opportunity to go back and touch base with my personal golden age.

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