Funky/Crankshaft crossover

Aug 30, 2011

When I jumped everyone in the Funkyverse ahead in time in 2007 and I didn’t do the same with the cast of Crankshaft, a number of my good and gentle readers lamented the fact that I’d no longer be able to do any crossovers between the two strips. Well, no longer say no longer. In cartoonland, anything is possible if you just wish for it hard enough, and this past two weeks a few sharp eyed readers have spotted the fact that the young softball player in Crankshaft has the same name as Les’ intended in Funky. I’ve received e-mails from several readers wanting to know if this was the same person, and indeed it is. This will all lead up to a nifty little crossover in in both strips this coming Saturday, September 3rd… but it’s a surprise so don’t tell anyone and we’ll just keep it between us. Okay?

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