Funky/Tracy Cross 1

Jan 25, 2015

Funky Tracy0


Reading the comics pages as a kid, one of the joys to be found there was Dick Tracy. Chet Gould’s imagination was totally unbounded. His grotesque characters and bravura story telling set my own imagination on fire. Dick Tracy quickly became one of the shining stars that guided me on my journey. So, at the Akron Comic Con when Joe Staton suggested that we craft a crossover between Tracy and Funky, I was thrilled.  Had the twelve-year-old me seen this one coming I would have died from joy right on the spot.

Sadly, there exist in this country newspapers that don’t carry either Funky or Tracy or (gasp) both. So for the lost souls who live in these culturally deprived areas, I’m going to post the crossover just as in ran in the paper each day. I’m kicking things off with the Tracy Sunday above from a year ago that tees everything up quite nicely. It’s a beautiful Joe Staton Sunday which now resides within the walls of the cartoon castle. Joe says he was born to draw Dick Tracy and it shows. And it seems as if Mike Curtis was born to write it as well. Things will end a week from now with the Funky Sunday that caps the story. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.


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