Jun 22, 2021

I’m at the moment writing a story where the action takes place at the Palm Restaurant in New York City. The walls of the Palm were covered with drawings that spanned the historical breadth of American cartooning and cartoonists. In a small corner by the bar on a wood panel, there was a Prince Valiant sketch by Hal Foster, a Steve Canyon by Caniff and a Buzz Sawyer by Roy Crane. The holy triumvirate SIDE BY SIDE!

The last time I was there, I sat at this table with executives from King Features following the signing of a new contract surrounded by the drawings of every cartoon character imaginable, including a certain Funky Winkerbean. 

As I researched some pics for my story I found this. The same room with all of the magazine photos gone and the cartoons whitewashed from the walls. Nothing there but the ghosts. This one’s going to leave a mark.

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