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Dec 3, 2016

kent bookstore 2

con passes

I just wrapped up my last book signing event for the year at the Kent State University Bookstore. Before I slip into hibernation mode, I just want to thank everyone at the bookstore for having me back again and for all of the courtesies shown to me while I was there. I always enjoy myself there and look forward to returning whenever I’m asked.

That being said, there’s not going to be a lot of hibernating going on this winter at the cartoon castle. Next year promises to be a busy one and it’s going to start early. In January, you’re going to be hearing about an very cool project involving the Batom Comics covers that have been appearing in Funky over the last couple of years and the 10th anniversary of Lisa’s Story. It’s going to be exciting and I can’t wait to let you in on it. ‘Til then, I plan to enjoy the holidays and hope that you do as well.

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