Jerry Siegel’s House

Aug 4, 2008

Back in January BCC (before car crash) I was fortunate to be able to visit the Glenville neighborhood in Cleveland and the actual house where Jerry Siegel was living when he created Superman. Thanks to a knowledgeable guide and a generous owner, I actually was able to stand in the bedroom where Jerry, on a hot and sleepless summer night in 1933, created not only an icon for the ages, but an entire genre as well.

Out of that visit came a story involving Pete Roberts, the resident comic book writer in the Funky and the current resident in the apartment above Montoni’s. In the story, Pete visit’s the former Siegel residence and we find that the house still has some magic to share. I took a ton of reference photo’s the day I was there, so when you see the house in the strip, it’s the real deal. In fact, along with this blog, I’ll also post some pictures of the house in the archive section. Although DC Comics is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Superman this summer, my story celebrates Superman’s actual birth five years earlier.

The story kicks off August 11th and runs consecutively through the dailies and Sundays. I even got to create my own supervillan, and we get to visit him in the lair of the Lord of Late (gee, for a moment there, I felt like Stan Lee) in the August 17th Sunday.

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