LA Pix 6

Aug 6, 2020

My recon mission to LA included a hike into Bronson Canyon to find the cave entrance used in the film The Phantom Empire. Crankshaft and Funky are engaged in a bit of a crossover at the moment with The Phantom Empire being shown at the Valentine last week in Crankshaft, and Jeff from Crankshaft seeking out the entrance to Murania (which many of you sharp-eyed readers out there in reader-land have already noticed was misspelled in today’s strip. Rest assured, however, that it will be correctecd for The Complete Funky Volume ? when the time comes) in the canyon in Funky. Jeff will even bring back a souvenir rock that resembles the cave entrance. I just heard from a reader whose husband was a sound mixer for these Fred Ray movies, once again showing what a small world we live in.

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