Lisa’s Legacy Run 2015

Jul 3, 2015

Lisa Mentor Race form 2015 copy



I’ve been getting up pretty early these summer mornings which is not my favorite thing to do. But I’ve been doing it because I want to make sure I’m ready for the Lisa’s Legacy 5K Run/Walk that’s taking place on September 13th in  Mentor, Ohio. I find the early mornings to still be cooler at this point in the summer and much more conducive to getting some roadwork in. Actually, roadwork is a little misleading because I like to run at the soccer field in town. The laps around the field are kind of zen-like and much more conducive to letting my mind wander where it will. Something that can be more than a little dangerous when running on the roads. Just ask Stephen King.

I’m very pleased that the Mentor Rotary is sponsoring the run again this year and for taking the Lisa’s Legacy Fund under their wing. I’ll be keeping you posted of my progress along the way and hope that you’ll join us this year in a great run for a good cause.

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