Mac Raboy

Sep 20, 2023

On Sundays when I was very young, on the way home from church, we would stop to pick up some pumpernickel bread and the Sunday paper. When we got home, I’d sit on my Dad’s lap enjoying a warm piece of bread while my dad read the Sunday comics to me. One of my favorite strips was Flash Gordon, and it was where I became acquainted with the name Mac Raboy. I loved his lithe and flowing artwork, and couldn’t wait for the next week’s installment.

I was born a little too late to have seen his comic book work firsthand, but, living now in the golden age of reprints, I’m able to see what I missed. This summer I’ve also been enjoying the TwoMorrows biography of Mac Raboy. Not only is there a generous collection of his art, but it also shines the spotlight on the life of this somewhat reclusive artist. If you you enjoy beautiful comic art, and would like to learn a little more about the creator behind it, I would strongly suggest picking up this book. And maybe try reading it with a warm slice of pumpernickel bread.

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