Match to Flame 113

Jan 6, 2020


Well, as is its wont, the future eventually showed up, and the point was starting to skewer me. So I instructed my new attorneys of the future to file a lawsuit on my behalf. And they did. And. . . . Nothing happened. Better said, nothing happened very quickly. Shakespeare once decried “the laws delays” as one of the banes of life and the cat knew whereovith he spokeith. The first thing that happens is that venues get challenged and switched, depositions are sent to be answered, document requests for everything including the shopping list on your refrigerator door are dispatched, and legal teams get challenged and replaced. What happens in between is that life just goes on as it always has as if none of this were taking place. Imagine that. And, while you’re imagining that, imagine that something else very interesting happens as well. With no end to the lawsuit in sight for the foreseeable future, a switch in your mind flips to off and the compulsion to have life all wrapped up and tied with a pretty bow just sort of disappears. Until things are eventually and finally resolved, you just stop caring. 

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume 7

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