Match to Flame 114

Jan 21, 2020

I liken a lawsuit to the feeling you get during an extended renovation of your house, when, after a few irritating weeks, you eventually become inured to the idea of strangers walking through your house, wreaking havoc everywhere, and instead begin to regard them as odd members of your family who have moved in for an indeterminate period. You know, it’s funny I should bring that up because that’s exactly what we decided do in the summer of 1990. It was my wife Cathy’s idea to add a sunroom to the Cartoon Castle, which, in retrospect, was another one of her brilliant ideas, especially since it also led to a welcome expansion of my studio sanctum sanctorum. But, at the time, it added another layer of insanity to an insanely busy time. For example, in 1990, I along with the artists on Crankshaft and John Darling (incidentally, Gerry Shamray left Johnny D. around this time and was ably replaced by Bob Vojtko) created 946 comic strips. Now, I know all of you math majors out there are thinking that I just Barbied that figure and that the number; if you’re producing three comic strips a day for a year, it should be 1,095, and, of course, you would be right—except for the fact I ended John Darling in August of that year.

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume Seven

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