Match to Flame 33

Dec 6, 2016

match to flame 32b

On the night of the piano lesson, I picked up a copy of Superboy, the cover of which showed him playing all the positions on a baseball team at the same time. I mean, really, if you could resist that, you probably couldn’t fog a mirror. I brought it in to read while my sister took her lesson, and when it came time for me to take my seat next to Mrs. Bemis on the piano bench, I took it with me lest it get stolen. I then put it on the music stand next to my music, but as I played, my eyes kept drifting from the sheet of music over to Superboy. Finally, after it proved to be too much of a distraction, Mrs. Bemis, who will be canonized any day now I’m sure, gently removed it and set it aside. While music was certainly something I appreciated and enjoyed, it was apparent that my heart was already spoken for. I had no inkling at the time how fruitful the marriage of these two passions would one day be. (Wow, I feel like I need a cigarette.) But, before we get to that, there remains one more aspect of my musical upbringing and background that needs to be mentioned.

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume Two

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