Match to Flame – 59

Dec 12, 2017

My wife Cathy and I had gone to a concert at The Agora, a legendary rock club in the heart of Cleveland. As we were leaving, I happened to see a poster for an upcoming event at the club—an air guitar contest. I was pleasantly surprised that someone had finally given a name to something that all of us had done at one time or another. It was way too perfect an idea and also a perfect fit for Crazy Harry. So Crazy became the strip’s resident air guitarist, eventually going to The Agora to take part in one of their air guitar contests with Funky as his air roadie. I was even invited to help MC an air guitar event at the club and got to stand on the same stage where acts from Mink DeVille to Bruce Springsteen had performed (TMI: they also all signed the wall in the john too). Crazy would eventually go on to the air guitar nationals and as an adult would take part in World Air Guitar Championships in Oulu, Finland. It was fun writing about air guitarists getting together to shoot the breeze.

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume Four

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