Match to Flame 85

Oct 24, 2018

Also in the strips contained within this volume, the John Darling and Funky Winkerbean strips crossed over for the Fourth of July celebrations commemorating the newly refurbished Statue of Liberty. Both Harry L. Dinkle and John Darling were in New York for the festivities, and it seemed only natural for John to interview Funky’s resident band director. I’d always loved it when comic book characters would cross over in comic books, so I would jump at the chance to play comic book company any time I could. Not every paper carried both Funky and Darling, of course, but, for those that did, the crossover was a nice little Easter egg. As I mentioned in a previous volume whenever a crossover occurs between Darling and Funky or Crankshaft and Funky, we’ll include the crossover strips as well so that you won’t miss a single scintillating moment of monumental merriment (still in comic book mode).

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume Five

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