Match to Flame 89

Jan 3, 2019

Music-wise, there was a song for every major character, including one called “Mean Old Bus Drivin’ Man” for my new favorite character, Crankshaft. Homecoming turned out to be very successful for us, and Andy and I attended any number of world premieres. Every time we did, we always waited for one special line where the cheerleaders lamented having to cheer for a losing football team by saying that it really tended to dampen their élan. Whether due to poor writing, which I discount, or the performers’ inability to really sell the line, which I favor, it never ever ever and I mean ever got a laugh— except, of course, for Andy and me laughing like two loons amid the otherwise deafening silence. One has to wonder at times what the world is coming to.

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume Five

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