One book – One community

Apr 9, 2015

Book One Talk


A week or so ago I was fortunate to be able to participate in a unique event in Alliance, Ohio. The event involves members of the community and high school English classes all taking the month to read the same book, hence the name One Book – One Community. This year the selected book was Lisa’s Story. It was an honor to have Lisa’s Story selected not only for the respect that it showed the work, but also the respect that it showed for medium in which I work. I believe that this was the first graphic novel that OBOC had read and hopefully it has opened the door for others in the future. There’s some marvelous work being done out there that certainly deserves a wider audience. I spoke to members of the community on one night and to the high school classes the next day. I had a great time, I think we all learned something, and I applaud OBOC for what they’re doing.

Lisa’s Story has certainly travelled a long way and it seems like there’s still some road to go. There are some exciting things in the offing regarding Lisa’s Story itself and The Lisa’s Legacy Fund for cancer research. As we get closer to the rollouts, I’ll be posting the news first here in the blog so stay tuned.

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