Ripples – The Daba Mystery 1

Oct 30, 2018

Anyone who has been following this humble blog of mine knows that I’ve become an ardent fan of The Ripples by George Clark a cartoonist who continues to surprise me. At one point in early 1948, this elegant little humor strip suddenly becomes something a bit more.

From out of nowhere, really, Clark suddenly turns his charming strip about an art gallery into an equally charming mystery story that runs, well, let’s just say it runs for a surprisingly long time. It’s unlike anything I’d seen in the strip before.

Now, one of the things I hate when reading about an artist is not being able to see or hear the work that’s being described. So I’ve decided to show you exactly what I’m talking about by running the whole story here in weekly installments the way the work was intended and the way I’ve been experiencing it. I’m calling it the Daba Mystery and it’s an interesting side trip by an under appreciated artist.


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