Skip Rawlings

Sep 30, 2021

Been getting some questions stemming from the current story arc in Crankshaft dealing with the downward spiral of the Centerville Sentinel as to who Skip Rawlings is. Back in the day Skip was the sports reporter for the paper and he covered the short but sweet baseball career of Eddie Crankshaft with the Toledo Mud Hens. At one point, he also covered the ball field that Crankshaft built in his backyard.

All, and I do mean every single one, of Skips appearances can still be seen thanks to the fine folks at the Kent State University Press who collected them in the Crankshaft baseball collection Strike Four. If you’re enjoying the current story arc, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Skipper’s backstory for some cozy by the fireplace winter reading. Just click over to the Books section on this site and let Amazon do the rest.

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