Son of This and That

Nov 6, 2012

First a thank you to everyone who sent in good wishes to Les and Cayla for their wedding. The good thoughts were all very nice although I wouldn’t have said no to a waffle iron either. You can never have too many waffle irons here at the Cartoon Castle. And also a thanks to everyone who came out to the signing last week for the Medina Historical Society. Great venue, great crowd.

Speaking of great venues, this past weekend’s Buckeye Book Fair was a blast as usual. I hadn’t been there in awhile thanks to the car accident et al (he said lapsing into his native Latin), but it was like I’d never been away. And with The Complete Funky rolling out a book every year, I may never be away again, which would be fine with me. It was great to touch bases with a lot of old friends there.

And I love my new scanner.

At the moment, I’m hard at work on what is turning out to be a bit of a coda to Lisa’s Story. Events in the present will spark a sort of flashback/prequel which will crossover into real life with a visit to my old apartment in Elyria (check out the intro to Volume One of The Complete Funky to see the house where Funky was born) as well as a crossover with Crankshaft thrown in for good measure. Oh, and lest I forget, a long lost character as well. The whole thing was sparked by a drive past my old apartment a couple of summers ago. For some reason I stopped and took a lot of pictures without knowing exactly why (I don’t love cell phones to the extent that most people seem to, but at times like that, I’m glad they’re around). It wasn’t until a little later that I realized that an important part of Lisa’s story happened near there involving characters from both Crankshaft and Funky. The story won’t roll out until next year, but when it does it will change everything (not really… I’ve just always wanted to say that). Stay tuned.

Did I mention I love my new scanner?

Let me close by reminding you that my almost last big appearance of the year will be at the Akron Comic Con on Saturday November 10th. I’m looking forward to meeting the great Joe Staton and Gerry Conway as well. I’m going to ask Gerry who put the “snap” in. If you have no idea what that’s about, you missed something great.I hope to see you there. For now, that’s about the size of it.

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