The Batty Batom Bullpen – Joe Staton

Feb 18, 2017

The first cover to be revealed in the Komix Korner cover gallery is the the work of none other than the inimitable Joe Staton. Joe’s work on E-Man for Charlton Comics was where he first made his stand. He went on to work on numerous characters for DC Comics, most notably Green Lantern. As I said in the intro to the Batom Bullpen, when I was looking for artists do create the Batom covers, I looked to people whose work I admired and Joe is certainly at the top of that list. I especially enjoyed the Batman Adventures work that he did which is why one of his pages has pride of place on my living room wall. Joe and I were at an Akron Comicon a few years back when I told him what I was doing and he agreed to do the first Starbuck Jones cover. Not only did he do a great cover, but he basically teed the project up for everyone else by also creating a Starbuck Jones style sheet and the Logo along with the other trade dress for the book. If I can ever repay him for that generous act, Joe has a chip from me that he can cash-in at any time.

These days Joe can be found doing marvelous work along with Mike Curtis on the Dick Tracy comic strip. As Joe has said, it’s the job he was born to do, and Tracy has never looked better. Joe and Mike are having fun playing with the almost inexhaustible Tracy canon . You should check it out.

And, if you want to check out Joe’s cool Starbuck Jones cover, just go to the Gallery section on this site and click on the cover to enlarge it and fully enjoy it’s majesty.

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