The Fire Story Arc

Aug 15, 2020

A reader emailed me to say that I’d retconned the flashback to the fire in Montoni’s that appeared in the current story arc. I was able to point out that the two flashback panels were taken directly from the original story that ran in 1997, and that there was no retconning involved at all (Not that I would be averse to doing something like that, mind you, I just didn’t do it here). It made think that there might be other curious readers out there who would like to read that original story arc and see how it not only brings context to the current work that’s running now, but how it fits into the larger story that was part of the ‘Who killed John Darling?’ murder tale. If so, you can find the entire story arc and much much more in Volume 9 of The Complete Funky Winkerbean which we published just for moments like this.

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