Winter is Coming

Nov 9, 2015

Main Street Books

Book desk

Book Guy

Pizza Dog

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The last book signing of the year is finished and I’m off the road for awhile, and while I enjoyed them, I actually enjoy what’s coming too. The firewood is in and dark clouds are building on the horizon. It’s a chance to spend some extended time writing and seeing what’s in the heads of my characters. Plenty of books to read by the fire… a real wrist breaker on the artist Henry Darger, a three volume bio on Bob Dylan, the John Byrne Omnibus books from Marvel, and a couple of others if there’s time. Sadly, they’re just not making winters as long as they used to.  As ever, should you want a Funky or Crankshaft book personalized for holiday gift giving, just contact me through the site.  Later alligators.


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