Winter Prep

Oct 28, 2023

We’re deep into my favorite season of the year. Tomorrow I’ll be bringing in the last of the firewood as we button things up for the winter. I’m planning to spend a good chunk of the remainder of the year working on Volume 14 of The Complete Funky, and also spending some time reading by the fire with the books I’m currently working on.

At the moment, those books are the omnibus editions of The Avengers, and The Book Nobody Read by Owen Gingrich. The thing I enjoy about the Avengers, aside from reading Stan Lee and Roy Thomas in their prime, is the nostalgia over the comics I’d read, and the newstalgia in getting to read the ones I’d missed. The Gingrich book is there to cover my bases in case comics really do rot your brain. I don’t believe that, but you can’t be too careful. Both books will make for some pleasant winter evenings by the fire.  

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