Mar 1, 2009

A number of my good and gentle readers have expressed concern of late that things might not be well in Funkyland since I haven’t been posting any blogs here on the site. While I’d never intended this to be Twitter exactly, I did plan to be a tad more consistent than I’ve been. So, not to worry, things are going well. I’d sort of pared things back to catching up on the strips and doing my rehab from the car accident, and found that I kind of liked the quieter pace. So this winter has consisted of the aforementioned along with sitting by the fire reading books. The best of which has been The Complete Scorchy Smith by Noel Sickles. It’s truly some of the most amazing work that’s ever been done in the comic strip medium. I’m also working my way through all twenty-four Tarzan books plus a book of correspondence between Edgar Rice Burroughs and Herbert T. Weston. So, hey, I’ve been pleasantly occupied… but thanks for the kind concern.

I’ve also gotten a number of requests from readers wanting me to archive all of my past strips on the site. This I can say with some certainty won’t be happening. While I appreciate the interest, if I took the time to archive every Funky, John Darling and Crankshaft strip in the site, I wouldn’t have time to do the strips let alone finish all twenty-four Tarzan books.

I will be out and doing some speaking appearances starting next month, and that along with some other interesting bits of news will be posted here as the time draws closer. In the meantime, I’m going to quietly enjoy my remaing weeks of firewood and hibernation.

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