Cover Me

Jan 6, 2018

This post kicks-off a new thread on the blog where the plan is to simply showcase really cool comic book covers. The criteria, such as it is, is that they have to be the kind of cover that would entice someone to pick the book up off the comics rack, which is a comic book cover’s number one job after all. Your milage, of course, may vary. The standards are that there simply aren’t any standards. It’s my call and I have to tell you right now that covers with gorillas on them are total locks. Other than that, it’s wide open. Clutter, simplicity, zany or deep, if it works, it works.

Sometimes, I’ll tell you why I think a cover works, but most of the time I’m just let the cover do its’ thousand word thing all by itself. We kick things off with this wonderfully whacky Murphy Anderson cover from Strange Adventures #151.  It was more then enough to get me to fork over my twelve cents.

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