Flash Fridays – The Flash #243 August 1976

Jan 30, 2020

What did I tell you? The Rogue whose funeral all of the other Flash Rogues were attending at the end of the last issue was the Top. Where’s my gold star? It’s all part of what is turning out to be a pleasantly intriguing and entertaining story arc. The story opens with a terrific splash page showing the Flash’s Rogues Gallery all standing by the Top who is laid out in his casket. The Mirror Master then begins to explain how we arrived at this point. It turns out that MM was in his hideout when a top spins in saying (in the Top’s voice) that there was an emergency and that the rogue of reflections has to follow it. When he does, it leads him to the lifeless form of the Top with a tape recorder lying next to the body.

Later, with the other Rogues gathered ’round, the Top picks up the story via the tape recorder. He explains how his years of spinning had enhanced his powers and intellect, but that an encounter with the Flash had set off vibrations in his head that were now killing him. He explains his diabolical plan in which he has placed bombs around Central City all set to detonate at the same time at the sites of his previous robberies. The Rogues have to find all six bombs and place them on “top” (get it?) of each other to prevent the explosion. If the Flash should stop any one of them and prevent them from finding the bomb, Central City goes kaboom thus realizing the title “If I Can’t Rob Central City, No One Can!” Thus setting up a story for the next issue where we’ll find ourselves rooting for the Rogues and against the Flash. It’s great story that makes unexpected use of the Flash’s Rogues Gallery who are forced to work together to save the city they love to rob. Stay tuned.

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