Flash Fridays – The Flash #292 December 1980

Nov 12, 2021

This latest issue is the Don Heck show as he both draws and inks his work to grand effect. In an issue where the Flash battles the Mirror Master in a series of carnival mirror encounters, Heck does a great job with all of the distorted figures and action he has to concoct and denote. It’s the type of issue that hasn’t been seen in a while with all of the space devoted to the mano a mano with the Mirror Master. There are no secondary plots to tease or wrap up. Even Barry’s relationship with Fiona goes well. In the recent past, writer Cary Bates would think nothing of having three or four irons in the fire at the same time, which would often distract from the central story. This is nothing more than a superhero fight book which (let’s be honest) is the core of what attracts us to the superhero genre. Which allows the artist Don Heck to dazzle us with his and the Flash’s footwork and he does. Its a drawing dance that seems to fall right out of his pencil, and it helps make this simple stand-alone story a breath of fresh air after all of the recent sturm and drang issues we’ve been experiencing. It’s also a great jumping-on point for new readers who just want a cool story sans the baggage. Highly recommended if you can find a reading copy in a fifty cent box at your next con.

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